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Hamilton, Montana Police traffic stop shootout, suspect is killed [January 2nd 2010]

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In the early hours of the morning on January 2nd 2010 at around 2 am, Hamilton Police Officer Ross Jessop pulled over Raymond Thane Davis for a minor traffic violation. Davis had been drinking heavily that night (Jan. 1) and was armed with a .41 caliber revolver handgun. When Jessop approached Davis and asked how much he had had to drink, Davis pointed the gun at Jessop and pulled the trigger but the hammer fell on an empty round. Jessop moved his face away from the threat as fast as he could and ran towards the back of Davis’ vehicle, while drawing his Glock, Model 22 handgun. Davis then fired again at Jessop as he ran and this time a bullet left the gun, but the bullet missed Jessop. When Jessop was behind the vehicle he fired his pistol 14 times into Davis’ vehicle as it sped away. Six bullets hit Davis’ vehicle, including one that drove through the passenger and driver’s seats and into Davis’ back. One round hit Davis in the back and he was killed on the scene. Afterwards Davis’ vehicle crashed into a power company’s telephone pole and came to a stop. A jury later ruled that Hamilton Police Officer Ross Jessop was justified in shooting Raymond Thane Davis to death after Davis had opened fire on Jessop. More information about this case can be found here:


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