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Walking Hamilton’s Streets

Hamilton Montana City Building

It’s a beautiful Montana day to be walking in the streets of Hamilton. The downtown area is nice and compact so you can park your car and walk to everwhere you want to go.

Flag Hamilton Montana city

I’ve heard some crazy stories about what it takes to get that flag to the top of that pole!

hamilton Montana Street

This is just about all the traffic we want to see.

hamilton montana homes

The numbered streets just to the south of downtown feature some beautiful old homes. A lovely neighborhood.

Creamery Bldg Hamilton Montana

This is the old Creamery Building, top of Main Street, which has been turned into offices.

Hamilton Montana scenery

Careening down Golf Course Road, to the east of Hamilton, I shot this picture out the window of my car! Look at those mountains!

Hamilton Montana downtown

Hamilton Montana has a beautiful old western downtown. You can find GMAC realtors and the Ravalli Republic paper on

sunset Hamilton montana

This is Blodget Canyon glowing in the rays of the setting sun.


One Response to Walking Hamilton’s Streets

  • Tim Brooker says:


    My name is Tim Brooker and I am a member of Hamilton East Rotary Club in New Zealand.

    My club, as a charity fundraiser is producing a Coffee Table Book called Hamiltons of the World – I have established nearly 60 of these already fom ghost towns to major cities.

    We would like to include Hamilton , Montana in the book and I have found a lot on your website.

    Although we are looking to raise funds from the book we are a ‘not for profit’ organisation and all profits will go to charitable causes.

    I am asking if you would allow us to use your photos and text in this book (we will obviously attribute accordingly) – we would be most grateful.

    If this is possible please send text and photos to me electronically or point me to a site that I can just download from myself.

    Thanks in anticipation.

    Tim Brooker

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