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E3 2012 – Assassin's Creed III E3 Gameplay Trailer

Rating: 4
Assassin’s Creed 3 E3 Gameplay Trailer Assassin’s Creed III’s new hero, Connor, is a survivor. Previously, we’ve seen him hunting Redcoats in the snow-covered New England forest, and taking down Templars while a war wages between George Washington’s revolutionaries and their British opponents. Now, he’s in Boston for Ubisoft’s E3 demo, picking yet more fights and hunting yet more prey. And he seems just as comfortable murdering and free-running through bricks and mortar as he does through trees and snow. The demo is typically Assassin’s Creed. It begins with a sweeping vista of the city, before focusing in on the central character, Connor who immediately shows off one of the game’s new features by diving into a moving cart, filled with hay. Yes, now your free-running will include all kinds of fresh opportunities, like moving objects as well as the ability to pass through interiors (something we see later in the demo), and through the branches of trees, which grow inside and outside the game’s two cities, Boston and New York. Following his first show-off, Connor then yanks a guard into the hay cart with him, as it rumbles by, and pulls off the world’s first moving hay-pile assassination. THE AMERICAN EVOLUTION During the rest of the demo, Connor shows off the tweaks and changes to the core Assassin’s Creed formula. Although senior producer Francois Pelland will later insist that AC3 is “to quote the marketing – a revolution” during our exclusive interview, what we see


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