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ENO Double Nest Overview and Hanging Technique

Rating: 4
In this video, my daughter and I take my ENO Double Nest hammock out in the backyard to give a general overview of the product and demonstrate how I hang the thing. I have to give props to shugemery for this knot though, because it’s a derivative of one I learned from watching his channel. The Eagle Nest Outfitters Double Nest hammock is rated at 400 lbs, which is good for a big guy like me. The compression sack is attached as well which gives a handy place to put things like glasses at night. I have nothing but good things to say about this hammock. It is strong, versatile, ultralight and compact. When I was researching hammocks to purchase, I noticed that ENO also makes what they call “SlapStraps” which are nylon webbing straps that can be used to hang it with for about $25. I chose not to go that route, but rather, purchased a couple of nylon utility straps from TSC for $5 each. They are rated at 800lbs each and have worked great for me. The best part of it is that they are much lighter than the ENO Slap Straps, and fit right inside the hammock bag. The ENO Slap Straps came in a separate bag that was almost the same volume as the hammock itself! For more videos on my outdoors “adventures” and learning, be sure to check out If you are interested in purchasing the straps that I use, the closest thing on the TSC website is… http These are rated at 500lbs, but should work very well for most people.


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