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(3) Dashcamming – Down Sylvan Hill Into Downtown Portland

Rating: 4
Points of Interest/Transition: :00 – Video starts out on Kingston Road, heading into the city, in the somewhat general direction of east. The speed limit changes frequently on this road and stays fairly low, and you can hear me grumbling about that and how the driver in front was initially going slow (they did speed up). Note: I was kidding about passing. With only 100hp, it would have been illegal, stupid, and impossible. 3:52 – Right turn onto Sherwood Blvd, past the Portland Rose Garden. My girlfriend mentioned something about a rose shop. Immediately after this, we pass the big park that’s really awesome. 5:49 – Right turn onto Sacajawea. We were actually sitting there for a little while as we had a little coffee spillage, hence why the music appears to change abruptly. This appears to be beneficial to our amusement, as the car in front of us is…well…you’ll see. 6:25 – Right turn onto Park Pl. The Camry in front rolls through the stop sign, which I mention in the video, but isn’t the amusment I’m talking about. 6:50 – The Camry in front of us completely runs a red light, for no reason. Guess he didn’t want to wait for oncoming traffic. It was pretty weird. 7:23 – Right turn onto King Ave, with a left onto Salmon Street. This “S” is weird because you actually have right of way when doing so. 8:26 – Left onto 18th Ave. You can hear me bitching about the stupid red light, because it changes when no vehicles other than me are coming. The train off to the left was


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